our vision

To break the poverty cycle through empowerment

our mission

To serve the underprivileged in the Southeast Asian region by providing for and supporting their educational needs 

Three Pillars of Service

Pillar 1:
Train the Trainer

To equip young adults in ethnic minority villages with language and teaching skills to run classes for children and act as advocates for change.

Pillar 2:
Education for Children

Classes in mountainous villages for children aged 6 to 13, which support them in Vietnamese and basic English. Many of these classes can be quite organic, making use of local resources and space.

These classes give greater equity to ethnic minority children who do not speak Vietnamese and struggle in school. Public schools in Vietnam use Vietnamese as the language of instruction. Older children who cannot continue into high school for reasons of financial constraints or inaccessibility benefit from English classes, having an added skill set to find jobs in the market.

Pillar 3:
Supplementary Projects

Non-academic projects which could enhance the value of Pillars 1 and 2 among ethnic minority children and youth.

These currently include: computer and IT skills classes for older youth unable to continue into high school; and hygiene and sanitation support for children of lepers.

In the near future, we are looking to support the construction of an orphanage which also function as a mid-point house for children from extremely remote villages who hope to access schools.

The Need

In the Central Highlands of Vietnam, ethnic minorities often live in the mountains, further from cities. Most are stuck in abject poverty, poor levels of education and a lack of resources.

Ethnic minority children who make it to school still struggle as most do not speak Vietnamese. Older children who drop out also struggle to find jobs due to inherent discrimination and a lack of skill.


Barré believes in the story of each child – their promise and their hopes.

When we first visited families in the mountains of the Central Highlands in Vietnam, we were struck by the conditions plaguing the children. Close to the border of Cambodia, we met a family of ten with eight little boys. As we walked into their hut, we noticed a small pot on the floor, with the little ones holding empty plastic bowls. Eight brothers shared half a small pot of rice. It was all they had.

Poverty was deeply entrenched in this part of the mountains. Ethnic minorities struggle with poverty, lack of resources and low levels of education. Most did not speak Vietnamese well, children were unable to access schools and many were trapped in a cycle of generational poverty.

The little boy closest to the pot took his hand out and held his bowl. With his hands smeared with dirt, he looked at us. His eyes were innocent but beautiful – he was simple and so pure.

At Barré, we are spurred on by the beauty of the villagers and children we have met. Many are warm, familial and kind. They may live simply, but they have the same capacity as we do to dream of a different life.

Get Involved

  • Events
  • Outreach at the Church of St Vincent de Paul, 25-26 August 2018
  • Volunteer Orientation Session for interested volunteers, 1 October 2018 (pending)
  • Volunteer

We are open to accommodating volunteers of various skill sets. For as long as you have a willing heart and a willing pair of hands, reach out to us!

We are also looking for volunteers of the following skill sets:

  • Teaching (Conversational English and Vocabulary)

  • Teaching (Grammar)

  • Teaching (TEFL / TESOL)

  • Graphic design

  • Video editing

  • Photography and videography

  • Social media marketing

  • Events organization and fundraising

  • Volunteer welfare and care

  • Ad-hoc event volunteers

  • Contribute

Barré functions entirely on goodwill. If you believe in our work and are moved to support us, please contact Rachel or Juliana at barregroup.main@gmail.com. Every little bit goes a long way.

All Friends of Barré also receive annual reports on our work and impact made in the mountains!

Contact Us

For any inquiries please email

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